Truth in Surrealism

So incredibly moved by this series of flying homes by photographer Laurent Chehere, who explores his fascination for multi-variegated societies and cultures in Paris and elevates the mundane in these fantastical still lifes.


Architectural Lyricism

There is no architectural feat more breathtaking than a helical staircase. We are creating one for our project and in doing research for precedent, rounded up our favorites here.

Cloud 9

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde's exhibitions, whereby he suspends real clouds within stunning interior architecture, are mysterious, provocative and dreamy. The series below is from his 2014 exhibit in London titled Antipode. Design favors and rewards the brilliant and brave.


Our recent trip to Asia included a stint in this magical and ancient water town called Wuzhen- nestled in an eastern coastal province of China. This set of all the unique doors and windows was a neat discovery.

Photos by Susan Work