Mastery of Architecture as Art

One of the figures responsible for our gravitational pull towards the lifelong study and practice of architecture and interior design is Carlo Scarpa. Prevalent in all of Scarpa's work is artful and clever use of craft and material that mesmerizes, puzzles, and stuns. These images are of details from our favorite of his greatest hits.

Velvet Idée Fix

We've always loved velvet but lately we LOVE velvet. We have been using it in all our interior projects as well as sporting some fashionable velvet garb. There's nothing more satisfying to the touch than 100% silk velvet, the kind that moves and shakes and glimmers in all directions in the light and the dark.

Mesh and Lace

These towering wire mesh architectural sculptures by Italian installation artist Edoardo Tresoldi are stunning and sublime pieces of public art. Pieced together completely by hand, this tour de force sits on the waterfront of Marina Di Camerota in Salerno.

Hot Tin Roof

Though copper has been used in architecture for decades, this rooftop application on these age-old townhouses in London by Emrys Architects, is a refreshingly contemporary revitalization. Light floods through the geometric planes to the interior which are further accentuated by recessed lights. This enhancement, restoration, and renovation of a war-torn development that cleverly bridges old and new- is our inspiration for the week.

A Visit to a stone quarry in Covelano, Italy

Nestled in the mountains in Northern Italy at an elevation of 7,000 feet by the Swiss alps is a town called Covelano that births the most luxurious white marble we've ever known. We were lucky enough to visit and tour this quarry where we got to inspect the blocks allocated for our project, meet with fabricators and learn about this stone, how it's handled, and see all the impressive C & C machinery and water jet technology. Such a highlight of our careers to date!


Delicate yet Mighty

Inspired by the natural world, Belgian artist Jeanne Opgenhaffen's murals evoke geology, earth's landscapes, canyons, rock strata, the windy fields, the ocean, and animal skin. One can stare at these compositions and almost expect them to move... Pure magic.  

Completely Floored

This week, we are inspired by bold patterns that make for arresting architectural features. Here's a round-up of contending graphics for our projects' floors and backsplashes.

The Constant Gardener

David Wiseman's multi-media objects and architectural installations are brilliant works of art fueled by inspiration drawn from the natural world. We are incredibly honored and excited to collaborate with him on our project! A dream commission indeed..